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Enjoy the convenience of automated pool
chlorination and the feel of a naturally clean
and sparkling pool, with the renowned
reliability and ultimate simplicity of the
ChloroMatic MCSC 36.
Suitable for pool up to 80,000lts.

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2 Year warranty on Power Pack  
3 Year full warranty on cell



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2 Year warranty on Power Pack / 3 Year full warranty on cell

The Davey Chloromatic MCSC36 features:

Available with low maintenance, reverse polarity electrolytic cell or non-reversing models

  • Large surface area of cell plates for high rate chlorine production
  • Ezi-Set Digital Timer for quick and simple set up & operation
  • Large, easy to read digital display and LED indicators
  • Made with corrosion resistant, UV stabilized materials for long service life
  • Winter Mode setting to reduce sanitiser output during the colder months, saves energy and protects equipment
  • High flow rate cell design for rapid pool turnover
  • Low salt, flow and overload indicators
  • Flow detector stops electrolysis if no flow is present, preventing dangerous gas build-up
  • Light transformer available (on some models)
  • Pump “cutout” protects the pump if no flow is detected (Reverse polarity models only)


The Davey Chloromatic MCSC36 Chlorinator


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